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/ Long Beach, California //1 Bollin Grove, Pretbury1 Clifton Terrace Broadway Douglas10 Linden-avenue, Audenshaw, Lancashie
106 Wayne Ave / , //106 Wayne Ave / Paterson, NJ Passaic //11 Dex Street, Wuerdle and Wardle , Age 3511 Dex Street, Wuerdle and Wardle , Age 38
12 London Road, Leftwich, Northwich. Assistant Shipbuilder. Age 17. (1891 Census, RG12/2833/11/P15)12 London Road, Leftwich, Northwich. Schlolar. Age 10. (1891 Census, RG12/2833/11/P15)12 London Road, Leftwich, Northwich. Scholar. Age 15. (1891 Census, RG12/2833/11/P15)12 London Road, Leftwich, Northwich. Shipbuilder. Age 46. (1891 Census, RG12/2833/11/P15)
139 Birmingham Rd / Water Orton, / Warwickshire/14 Samuel Street, Gorton, Manchester, Boilermaker/Plater, Age 49. (1891 Census, RG12/3173/87/P26)14 Samuel Street, Gorton, Manchester. Age 3. (1891 Census, RG12/3173/87/P26)14 Samuel Street, Gorton, Manchester. Boilermaker Apprentice, Age 20. (1891 Census, RG12/3173/87/P26)
14 Samuel Street, Gorton, Manchester. General Servant Domestic, Age 15. (1891 Census, RG12/3173/87/P26)14 Samuel Street, Gorton, Manchester. Scholar, Age 13. (1891 Census, RG12/3173/87/P26)14 Samuel Street, Gorton, Manchester. Scholar, Age 6. (1891 Census, RG12/3173/87/P26)14 Samuel Street, Gorton, Manchester. Scholar, Age 8. (1891 Census, RG12/3173/87/P26)
153 London Road, Leftwich, Northwich. Housemaid (Domestic). Age 20. (1901 Census, RG13/3341/130/P17)153 London Road, Leftwich, Northwich. Shipbuilder (Iron & Steel). Age 56. (1901 Census, RG13/3341/130/P17)160 Ward St, Apt 10f / , //17 Hurdsfield Rd, Macclesfield
1851 census hand loom weaver/1861 census - silk weaver/19 Forrest St / Beswick, Manchester //19 Forrest St, Beswick, Manchester
19 Forrest Street, Beswick, Manchester , Age 1219 Forrest Street, Beswick, Manchester , Age 419 Forrest Street, Beswick, Manchester1900 census Little Falls Twnsp
1900 census shows 3 children born in NJ1930 Connecticut census2 Court Barker Street,Macclefield20 Witton Street, Witton. Age 7. Living with grandfather (John Hitchens). (1881 Census, RG11/3526/35/P15)
22 Vaughan Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. Boilermaker, Age 19. Boarder with John Tomlinson of Northwich. (1861 Census, RG9/2706/55/P45, Sch 264)249 Robert Hall St2C14-8T/2C14-CC/
2C14-DJ/31 Jephcott Rd, Alum Rock, Birmingham31 Jephcott Road / Alum Rock / Birmingham, 8 //31 Jephcott Road / Biringham, 8 //
3721 S Pleasant St / Independence, MO 64055 / UK/4 Barnes St, Paterson near St Bonaventures4 Samuel Street46 Webster Ave / , //
49 London Rd, Leftwich, Northwich. Boiler Maker employing 7 men. Age 36. (1881 census, RG11/3523/33/P36)56 Bennett Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Age 12. (1901 Census, RG13/3676/84/P2)56 Bennett Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Shirt maker, Age 15. (1901 Census, RG13/3676/84/P2)56 Bennett Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Shirt maker, Age 18. (1901 Census, RG13/3676/84/P2)
61 London Road, Northwich. Barge Builder. Age 27. (1901 Census, RG13/3341/108/P16)69 York Building, Leftwich, Northwich. Boiler Maker. Age 26. (1871 Census, RG10/3695/100/P14)7 boys lost to diptheria at an early age70 Beech Street
706-16-5093/74 Edewsor Street, Manchester, Age 1474 Edewsor Street, Manchester, Age 2074 Edewsor Street, Manchester, Age 27
74 Edewsor Street, Manchester, Age 2974 Edewsor Street, Manchester, crossed out78 Edewsor Stree, Age 3978 Edewsor Stree, Age 40
9 Buckley Lane,Age 49Age 1/Age 10/Age 12/
Age 13/Age 14/Age 19/Age 20/
Age 36/Age 41/Age 48/Age 49/
Age 5/Age 7/Agricultural servant/Anderton,Cheshire/
Aneurysm , 74 yrs oldAnglican, later Roman Catholic/Anglican/Arden Lodge, East Birmingham Hospital, Bordesley Green
Banker/Baptised 1815 Oct 15, Chapelry of Witton, Celebrant G. OkellBarton-Upton-IrwellBeswick Methodist Church, North Manchester
Birmingham WarwickshireBirminghamBlacksmith's apprentice/Blacksmith/
Blair, Nebraska (USA)Boiler Fitter/Boiler maker/BPZD-6G/
BPZD-7M/Brakesman, machinst, silk mill millwright/Braziers Green, Age 11Braziers Green, Age 14
Braziers Green, Age 16Braziers Green, Age 50,widowerBricklayer/Broken Cross Macclesfield
Bronchial pnuemonia/By E,der J.C. Crabb/Byron's Lane, Age 20carcinoma of stomach and intestines
cerebral hemorrhage, ateriosclerosis/chronic endocarditis, interstitial nephritis/CLAYTON-LE-MOOR LANCASHIRE/clean Starcher/
Cloth Tubler/Cloth Weaver/Coleshill WarwickCOLESHILL WARWICKSHIRE
Colwyn Bay, Conwy, WalesColywn Bay, North WalesCordswainers Apprentice/coronary thrombosis/
cotton overseer/Dark lane, Age 10Dark Lane, Age 62Dark Lane, Age 67
Davenham Parish Church, residing in Shurlachdeclared intention 11/24/1871Died age 83/Died Age 85/
Dress Maker/Driller in Boiler shop (Locomotive)/Dyer (cotton)/Dyer in silk factories in Paterson
East Birmingham Hospital, Little BromwichEccle Fechan ScotlandEdewsor Street,Manchester, Age 4Edewsor Street,Manchester, Age 6
Edewsor Street,Manchester, Age 7 daysElectrician/Factory OperativeFailsworth Manchester
Family Grave, Warstone Lane Cemetry, BirminghamFamily Grave, Warstone Lane CemetryFarm LabourerFarm servant/
FarmerFarnhill, West Riding, YorkshireFlatmanForeman per Dorothy's birth certificate
Fried Fish dealer/BirminghamFrom MeaslesFrom SmallBridge, RochdaleGardener's Assistant/
Gardener/Gardener/LabourerGardeners Assistant/Gawsforth
General Labourer/general nervous debility, hemiplegia (2 years)/Gibsons Docks, Witton. Age 4 months. (1871 Census, RG10/3697/127/P38, Sch 198)Gibsons Docks, Witton. Boilermaker, Age 29. Living with his in-laws Richard and Ann Lamb. His name is recorded as Pembel. (1871 Census, RG10/3697/127/P38, Sch 198)
Gibsons Docks, Witton. Scholar, Age 5. (1871 Census, RG10/3697/127/P38, Sch 198)Gibsons Docks, Witton. Scholar, Age 7. (1871 Census, RG10/3697/127/P38, Sch 198)Gladstone Street, Hartford, Cheshire. Boilermaker, Age 39 (1881 Census, RG11/3521/ 89/P20, Sch 131)Gladstone Street, Hartford, Cheshire. Scholar, Age 10. (1881 Census, RG11/3521/ 89/P20, Sch 131)
Gladstone Street, Hartford, Cheshire. Scholar, Age 2. (1881 Census, RG11/3521/ 89/P20, Sch 131)Gladstone Street, Hartford, Cheshire. Scholar, Age 5. (1881 Census, RG11/3521/ 89/P20, Sch 131)Gladstone Street, Hartford, Cheshire. Scholar, Age 8. (1881 Census, RG11/3521/ 89/P20, Sch 131)Gladstone Street, Hartford, Cheshire. Servant, Unemployed, Age 15. (1881 Census, RG11/3521/ 89/P20, Sch 131)
Gladstone Street, Hartford, Cheshire. Servant, Unemployed, Age 18. (1881 Census, RG11/3521/ 89/P20, Sch 131)Grocer/Handloom weaver, slikHebden Bridge
Henbury Lodge, Age 15Henbury Lodge, Age 16Henbury lodge, Age 38Henbury Lodge, Age40
Henbury Parish ChurchHenburyhit on bicycle at age 5 by automobilehomemaker/
Hunt Green Middleton TamworthHurddfield, age 12Hurddfield, age 8Husbandman
Iron MoulderIssued in: MissouriIssued in: Railroad BoardJames Place, Birkett St. (Soho district) Liverpool
Kept Guest HouseLabourer (on Marriage certificate of James)Labourer at Salt worksLabourer to Wheelwright/Beswick,Manchester
LabourerLace MakerLadywood, BirminghamLamp Lighter
Last residence ZIP: 64050Leeks staffsLeft a will on Isle of manLICHFIELD
Lived in Old Colwyn, North Wales.Long Moss(?) MacclesfieldLong Moss, MacclesfieldLorry Driver
Lowe Street, Sutton. Age 20MACCLESFIELD CHESHIREMacclesfieldMachinery Assistant
machinist in silk millMachinistMaggieManchester
Marine Enginner/mason per 1930 censusMedlockMERIDEN
Merriden, Coleshill, West MidlandsMeter Inspector/MethodistMilnrow,Rochdale
Mobberley ChurchMobberleyMohair-twister/New Street, Leftwich, Northwich. Age 5. (1841 Census, HO107/121/5/11/P16)
New Street, Leftwich, Northwich. Age 7. (1851 Census, HO107/2165/556/P18, Sch. 70)New Street, LeftwichNewton HeathNewton le Willows
Norton Engineer/Not shown living w bridget 1900 census/Not shown living w bridget on 1900 census/Old Bradden Churchyard Douglas
Old Lane, Hebury, Age 67Old Lane, Hebury, Age 69organist/ChiormasterOwned Pimblotts shipyard Northwich/
Painter and Paper HangerPassaic County Welfare Home, Dixon Ave, PatersonPassenger Lift AttendentPepper Street, Age 20
Pepper Street, Age 25Pepper Street, Age 36Pepper Street, Age 60Pepper Street, Age 67
Pepper Street, Age 9Pepper Street,Age 50Pepper Street,Henbury, Age 12Pepper Street,Henbury, Age 15
Pepper Street,Henbury, Age 1Pepper Street,Henbury, Age 37Pepper Street,Henbury, Age 4Pepper Street,Henbury, Age 6
Pepper Street,Henbury, Age 9pleuro-pneumonia/Plumber and Glazier,and worked a lot of his time at Adlington Hall./Police Constable/
Policeman CannockPompei Hall, Paterson, NJ run by Bridget PimblottPoor House, Age 10 Months/Poor House, Age 23/
Poor House, Age 28/Prestbury Parish ChurchPrinter/Birminghampulmonary embolism following knee replacment surgery/
quill winder/railroad signalman/registered nurse/Residence code: Missouri
rheumatic arthritis/RightonRoad Labourer/Rochdale or Beswick Manchester
RochdaleRochesterRoman Catholic/Run over by a truck at a traffic light/
Saint Thomas Ardwick, Manchester, UKSandhills Cemetry (AU)Sch. 70 New Street (Northwich: Leftwich: Dane Bridge.)Scholar/
School mistress/Servant in Rebecca Millet's household/Shepherd/Cliff,Kingsbury,CliffeSHERLOCK ST , BIRMINGHAM
Ship Builder/Shoe Maker/silk finisher in silk mills in Paterson, NJ/Silk Printer/
Silk Weaver/Silk Worker/Silk-winder/Sis/
Slik printer/Smallbridge parish church, RochdaleSmallbridge, RochdaleSocial Sec index shows Konzelman/
Social Security #: 487-10-1854/Social Security #: 706-16-5093/Soft Silk Piecer/Solihull Warwickshire
South Oak Lane.Wilmslow CheshireSouth YardleySSN 487-10-1896/SSN 497-46-1076/
St Albans Church,MacclesfieldSt Andrews Churchyeard, Dearnley, RochdaleST BARTHOLOMEW WEDNESBURYSt James Church, Sutton Macclesfield
St Margrets Church, BirminghamSt Marys Hospital, 176 Raddlebarn Rd, Selly ParkSt Mary’s Bowden in an unmarked graveSt Michael's parish church, Macclesfield
St Peters Parish, PrestburyStaffs, Upper Hulmesteamer in a textile mill/STOURBRIDGE
Sutton Cheshire MacclesfieldSutton North Street.Sutton ParkSweeper in jute mill/
teamster per 1900 census/tin plate worker, apprentice/Tiviot Dale Chapel.Stockortto USA
Trinity Church,Paterson New JerseyTurkshead CottagesUplands Cemetry, Smethwick, in family gaveUplands Cemetry, Smethwick, in family grave
valvular disease of the heart/Waitress/Birminghamwarehouseman slik/Warehouseman/
Washer Woman/Washer/Watchmaker and Jeweller, Optician and engraver. Athol Street,Rushen, Isle of Man/Waterman/
WEDNESBURYWIDOW,WITH CHILDREN REUBEN,JAMES,JOSEPH/MEETING ST,WEDNESBURYWiggingtonWilliams's Square, Leftwich. Labourer. Age 16. (1861 Census, RG9/2602/8/P11, Sch. 67)
WillmingtonWithington ManchesterWood Cattage, Age 29Wood Cattage, Age 2
Wood Cattage, Age 34Wood Cattage, Age 6Wood Cattage, Age 7Woollen Pieces/
worked for Erie railroad/Yorkshire Buildings, Leftwich, Cheshire. Age 23. (1851 Census, HO107/2165/552/P11, Sch 43)  


(5 events)

BAI Provincia de Buenos Aires (1)

Hale (1)

LPA Eva Peron (3)

Sarah (3)

SFE Provincia de Santa Fe (1)

Wheelwright (1)


(14 events)

NSW New South Wales (4)

Liverpool (3)Tamworth (1)

QLD Queensland (6)

Bloomsbury (2)Halifax (1)Jackson (2)Saint George (1)

SA South Australia (2)

Elizabeth (1)Stockport (1)

TAS Tasmania (1)

Sheffield (1)

VIC Victoria (1)

Douglas (1)


(1 events)
Brussels (Bruxelles)


(7 events)

BC British Columbia (1)

Engineer (1)

MB Manitoba (1)

Winnipeg (1)

QC Quebec (1)

Quebec (1)

SK Saskatchewan (2)

Richard (2)


(10 events)

09 Ariège (10)

Aston (10)


(27 events)

Dublin (20)

Dublin (1)Sutton (19)

Roscommon (1)

America (1)

Wicklow (1)

Wicklow (1)


(1 events)

New Zealand

(4 events)
AucklandO'Neills Point CemetryThe Public Hospita, Auckland


(1 events)

United Kingdom

(1095 events)
1652400, Yorkshire, England1681694, Yorkshire, England1881 england shows John Potts and Sarah both silk weavers/1891 england census - lived alone 53 yrs old/
19 Forrest St / Beswick, Lancashire / England/BIRMINGHAM West Midlands EnglandBradford, Yorkshire, EnglandCalverley, St Wilfred, Yorkshire, England
Cheshire, LancashireCottingham, Yorkshire, EnglandEnglandFrom Lagos, Nigeria/Liverpool, England
Heaton Mersey, EnglandLiverpool, EnglandMacclesfield, EnglandManchester, England
Manchester,EnglandMeriden Warwickshire, EnglandNewton, Manchester, EnglandNorthwich, England
NUNEATON Warwickshire Englandparish of Sculcoates, East Riding of Yorkshire, Englandper england and wales civil index registration/Port of Destination: New York, New York. Final destinaton: Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, USA/Liverpool, England
porter per 1861 England census/Pudsey, Yorkshire, EnglandSheffield, Yorkshire, Englandsilk piecer per 1871 England census/
silk weaver per 1961 England census/Silloth, Cumbria, EnglandSt Michael, Macclesfield, Chesire, EnglandSt Peters Parish Church, Presbury, England
stewardess at the silk mill on 1871 England census/Stockport, EnglandSutton Cheshire, EnglandSutton Cheshire,England
Sutton, Chesire, EnglandThorne, Yorkshire, EnglandWalkern, Herford,EnglandWarwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire
Wetherby, Yorkshire, EnglandWharfedale, West Yorkshire, EnglandYorkshire - West RidingYorkshire, England

CHS Cheshire (301)

England Witton11 Henry St. Longmoss, Macklesfield, UK14 Nixon St, Macclesfield, England
48 Brown St, Macclesfield, England61 Waterloo St, Hurdsfield, England80 Statham St, Macclesfield, England81 Statham St, Macclesfield, England
9 Trinity Terrace/Northwich, EnglandAge 45, Flatman (1841 Census, HO107/121/5/4/P3)/York Buildings, LeftwichAge 57, Waterman (1851 Census, HO107/2165/552/P11, Sch 43)/York Buildings, LeftwichAlderley, England
Altrincham, England, UKAltrincham, EnglandBank Top, East Macclesfield, EnglandBertles, England
Castle Northwich, EnglandCastle, EnglandCatherine St, Macclesfield, EnglandFrom 1911 census/Lymm, England
Gawsworth, EnglandHartford, EnglandHazel GroveHenbury, England
Henbury, MacclesfieldHurdsfield, EnglandHurdsfield/Long Moss, Henbury, Nr. Macclesfield, EngKelsall, England
Knutsford, England, UKLeftwich, EnglandLeftwich,NorthwichLeftwich
Lymm, EnglandMacclefield,EnglandMacclefield,Sutton,EnglandMacclesfield, England
Macclesfield, Sutton, EnglandMobberley, EnglandNorth Road, EnglandNorth Road,Sutton, Macclefield
Northwich, England/Northwich, EnglandNorthwich, EnglandNorthwichPott Shrigley, England
Prestbury Parish Church, Prestbury, EnglandPrestbury Parish ChurchPrestbury, EnglandSt George, Sutton, England
St Helen's, Witton, NorthwichSt Michael, Macclesfield, EnglandSt Michael, MacclesfieldSt. Michaels,Macclesfield
St.Micheals church, Macclefield,Sutton,EnglandStatham St, Macclesfield, EnglandStockport, EnglandStockport
Sunderland ST Wesleyan, Macclesfield, EnglandSutton Lamton, EnglandSutton, EnglandSutton, Sutton, England
Tatto Park, EnglandTilston, EnglandUnion Workhouse, Macclesfield, EnglandUpton Macclesfield, England
Weaverham, EnglandWharton, EnglandWilmslow, England/Wilmslow, EnglandWilmslow, England
Witton, EnglandWoodford, EnglandYork Buildings, Leftwich, Age 12. (1841 Census, HO107/121/5/4/P3)York Buildings, Leftwich, Age 14. (1841 Census, HO107/121/5/4/P3)

DBY Derbyshire (11)

EnglandDerby, EnglandWirksworth Parish CemetryWirksworth,UK

DEV Devon (1)

Upottery, England

DFS Dumfries-shire (1)

Dumfries, Scotland

ESS Essex (1)

Walthamstow, England

GLS Gloucestershire (24)

EnglandBishops Cleeve, EnglandCharlton Abbots, EnglandCharlton Abbotts, England
Cleeve, EnglandFrampton Cotterell, EnglandFrampton Cottrell, EnglandSt Nicholas, England
Vol 11 Page 146/Bristol, EnglandWinchcomb, EnglandWinchcombe, England 

IOM Isle of man (8)

11 Derby Road, Douglas17 Hildesley Rd, DouglasBraddan, MiddleDouglas, .
DouglasOld Cemetry DouglasSaint Mathews, Douglas, England 

KEN Kent (1)

Strood, England

LAN Lancashire (225)

? England19 Forrest St, Beswick, England19 Forrest St,Beswick, England
19 Forrest Street, Beswick, England[Wuerdle], Wardle and Wuerdle, EnglandAccrington, EnglandAdlington, England
Ashton Under Lyme, EnglandAshton, EnglandBeswick, EnglandBlackburn, England
Blackpool, EnglandButterworth Ogden Chapel, EnglandButterworth, EnglandCathedral, Manchester, England
Chorlton On Medlock, EnglandChorlton upon Medlock, EnglandChorltonCotton Weaver/Rochdale, England
Denton, EnglandFailsworth, EnglandHeaton Norris, EnglandHulme, England
Littleborough, EnglandLiverpool, EnglandManchester Cathedral, EnglandManchester, England
Manchester, Hulme, EnglandMilnrow, EnglandNewton Heath, EnglandNorth Manchester, England
Oldham, EnglandPrestwich, EnglandPrestwichRichdale, England
Rochdale, EnglandSaint Peter, BoltonSalford, EnglandSouth Manchester, England
Southport, EnglandStalybridge, EnglandWardle, EnglandWuerdle and Wardle, England
Wuerdle and Wardle,England   

NBL Northumberland (1)

Riding, England

NFK Norfolk (1)

Great Yarmouth, England

SAL Shropshire (2)

Shrewsbury, EnglandWellington, England

SOM Somerset (58)

Combe, EnglandGlastonbury, EnglandStreet, EnglandStreet, Street, England

STS Staffordshire (43)

EnglandBilston, EnglandBirmingham, EnglandBrierley Hill, England
Burntwood, EnglandColwich, EnglandFarm Labourer/Tamworth, EnglandFazeley, England
Hints, EnglandIrigginton, EnglandLeck, EnglandLeek, England
Leek, Leek and Lowe, EnglandLichfield, EnglandNewcastle Under Lyme, EnglandRushton, England
St. Bartholomew's Church/Wednesbury, EnglandTamworth, EnglandTipton, EnglandWalsall, England
Wednesbury, EnglandWiggington, EnglandWilnecote, EnglandWolverhampton, England

WAR Warwickshire (257)

? England West Midlands1652385, England
1678618, England1678902, England1911 census/WhatleyAston Manor, England
Aston, EnglandBirmingham, Birmingham, EnglandBirmingham, EnglandChafselend, England
Clifford, Kingsbury, EnglandColeshill, Coleshill, EnglandColeshill, EnglandDomestic Servant/Coleshill, England
Farm Servant/Coleshill, EnglandGilson Coleshill, EnglandHartshill, EnglandHurley, England
Kingsbury, EnglandKingsbury, Kingsbury, Englandnear Tamworth/Kingsbury, EnglandNuneaton, England
Over Whitacre, EnglandSheldon, EnglandShustoke, EnglandSolihull, England
St Mary, EnglandSutton Coldfield, EnglandWarwick St Mary, EnglandWhittlesford, England
Wishaw, England   

WOR Worcestershire (63)

1680685, EnglandBirmingham, Englandregistered Solihull/Warwickshire, West MidlandsSt Peter, England
Worcester St Peter, EnglandYardley, England  

WRY Yorkshire West Riding (4)

Pudsey, EnglandWharfedale, England

United States of America

(134 events)
Aston, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United StatesIndependence, Missouri Jackson, U.S.A

CT Connecticut (2)

Riverside Cemetery, Shelton, FairfieldShelton, Fairfield, USA

DC District of Columbia (1)

Coventry (1)

GU Guam (1)

Roper (1)

IA Iowa (3)

Colfax (1)Little Souix, U.S.AMonona (1)

IN Indiana (1)

Tipton (1)

MI Michigan (3)

Weaver (3)

MO Missouri (9)

*.pdf copy of the Missouri Death Certificate for James William Pimblott Sr. is attached./Independence, Jackson County, USABlue, Jackson County, USAIndependance, Jackson CountyIndependence, Jackson County, USA
IndependenceJackson (1)  

NC North Carolina (5)

Heaton (1)Hurdsfield (4)

NJ New Jersey (84)

12 Providence Ave, Paterson134 Clay St, Paterson 134 Clay St, Paterson176 Preakness Ave, Paterson, Passaic
184 1/2 Beech St, Paterson, Passaic184 1/2 Beech St, Paterson27 Princeton Rd, Elizabeth, Union35 Manchester Ave, Paterson, Passaic
4 Barnes St, Paterson70 Beech St, Paterson90 22nd Ave, Paterson, PassaicCalvary Cemetery, Paterson
Cedar Lawn Cemetery, PatersonCedar Lawn cemetry, PatersonEmbury Methodist Episcopal Church, PatersonHoly Sephulcre, Paterson
HOLY SEPULCHRE, PatersonHoly Sepulchre, TotowaHome for the Aged, 15 Dey St, Paterson Little Falls, Passaic County
LITTLE FALLSMarket St, PatersonPassaic County Welfare Home, WaynePaterson, Passaic, USA
St Agnes, Paterson, PassaicSt Bonaventure, Paterson, PassaicSt Bonaventure, PatersonSt Joseph Hospital, Paterson
St Joseph Hospital, PatersonSt Mary Help of Christians, Paterson,Passaic,USATotowa, Passaic, USATotowa
West Park, Little Falls TwnspWest park, Little Falls  

NY New York (15)

USABuffalo, Erie, USANew York City, USAPutnam (1)
Saint Pauls (2)   

OK Oklahoma (1)

Colony, Washita, USA

SC South Carolina (1)

Peggy (1)

VT Vermont (2)

George (1)Mae (1)

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