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    Gedgenie imports the industry standard Gedcom 5.5 family tree files, these can be exported from most family tree applications


    Export can be done for either the entire imported Gedcom file or a selected individual/family.
    Before export the user can select whether the output file should be "privitised" removing sensitive information for living individuals.


      Two XML formats are supported (Gedcom 5.5 and 6.0) both of these contain the same information as the original gedcom file. The Gedcom 5.5 XML format also includes geocoding positions that may have been added

    KML/KMZ (Google Earth)

      Once a tree has been geocoded it can be exported as a KMZ (compressed KML) file. This can either be the whole tree or a subtree for a selected individual

Future export formats


      Output selected individuals/families to standard SQL files for insertion into a database. This will not be included in the initial version.


      Output the imported tree as a comma seperated list, this is useful for importing into other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel,Access)

Contact if there are other formats that you would like to see.

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